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New 'T' Series Norstar

Once the best selling small phone system worldwide the Meridian Norstar was designed in two formats. Compact, which was the entry-level system 6x16 configuration and non-expandable and Modular which starts at 8 x24 and can expand. This digital system is no longer manufactured and has been superseded by the Business Communication Manager (BCM)

The business Series Terminals leverage the stregnth of the Northstar Telephone established Northstar Telephone Portfolio and provide the rock-solid reliablility, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness required by both small and medium sized companies. they deliver full integration with Northstar and Business communications Manager features and support integration with advanced business applications.

Nortel Networks offers the proven reliability and robust features sets needed to meet the demands of your growing business. Nortel Networks is number one in global market leadership, and the new Business Series Terminals allow you to deliver sophisticated voice applications while allowing users to immediately increase productivity and leverage sophisticated functionbality


T7100 Business Series Terminal

T7100 Business Series

The sleek and simply designed T7100 delivers Northstar anbd Business Communications Manager features and reliability to low traffic areas - such as lobbies, office kitchens, reception rooms, and breakdowns. This single-line telephone is an easy-to-use but highly functional telephone set with a programmable Memory Button and a 16-character LCD Window with MWI/VRL.

T7208 Business Series Terminal

T7208 Business Series

The T7208 is uniquely suited for lower internal and higher external calling volumes, and it supports up to eight lines and frequently used features. This multi-line telephone offers eight memory buttons, a 16 charcter LCD Window with MWI/VRL, and a headset jack. The T7208 is a cost effective solution for users needing only a few programmable features and/or autodial numbers. It is well suited for reception areas and for workstations with moderate call volumes and activity - as well as areas with shared telephones, such as manufacturing plants, retail departments, or repairs centers.

T7316 Business Series Terminal

T7316 Business Series

This full featured multi-line telephone has a two-line, 16 character-per-line LCD Window with MWI/VRL. The T7316 provides access to a total of 24 Memory Buttons, and it offers ampl coverage for business call areas and support for and support for feature intensive usage. It offers three soft keys to assist employees using the visual display prompts on the LCD, and it is targetted toward the needs of a variety of user groups, including managers and executive professionals as well as central answering and administrative positions

M7324 Business Series Terminals

M7324 Business Series

The M7324 is an expandable telephone that supports heavy call volumes and pffers robust features, including 24 Memory Buttons, three soft keys, and the LCD Window for one-touch access to a combination of 24 lines, features, and autodial numbers. This two-line telephone offers a two-line, 16 character-per-line LCD Window. One or two Central Answering Position (CAP) modules can be attached to add 48 Memory Buttons for each module to support additional lines, autodials or Business Communications Manager or Northstar features.

Audio Conferencing Unit

Audio Conferencing Unit

Extend voice connectivity to small-to-medium-sized conference rooms and offices using the Audio Conferencing Unit. you can plug it into any digital telephone jack, and it requires no additional teleset, analog adapter, or analog line cord. Based on sleek, space-age design, it includes full-duplex technology and a keypad with a feature button that lets you easily access all the conferencing features available from the Business Services Terminals product family.

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